Apr 28, 2021

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Capitol City Theater

Capitol City TheaterThe Capitol City Theater is one that needs to be seen. Salem OR is the center for a lot of the performing arts in the area. The city is destined to become a leader in that category of the arts as well. The Capitol City Theater is going to be a popular venue for all the right reasons. The Capitol City Theater destination is one that all the tourists want to find. They can do a little extra research that puts them in line to find the best location in time.

The cost of the experience will be well worth it to those in the know. The ticket price is set to wow new people that arrive on site. They can see what is new at the Capitol City Theater. Events are changing all of the time for the new guests. They will be glad to pay the upfront costs.

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Capitol Theater Memorial Parking Lot, 542 State St, Salem, OR 97301

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